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The Walters family has specialised in Traditional Christmas Turkeys for 50 years. We are a friendly family run business where everyone gets involved.  Up on the Berkshire Downs our turkeys are able to roam in the beautiful countryside.

We are very proud of the Free Range Turkeys we produce, we mainly rear bronze feathered birds which have a delicious rich and full flavour. All of our organic turkeys are bronze feathered.

Walters Turkeys belongs to the Traditional FarmFresh Turkey Association. This guarantees you the finest quality for Christmas.  In addition our organic turkeys are certified by the Soil Association.

Our turkeys are exceptionally good value whilst having very high animal welfare standards. We offer fantastic customer service. All turkeys are oven-ready and beautifully boxed.

We are very passionate about the welfare and production of our turkeys, carefully selecting slow growing traditional breeds that reach full maturity naturally. Traditional farming methods are used to rear our turkeys, their diet includes homegrown cereals milled on the farm and importantly their food is free from growth promoters. All of our turkeys have a specially formulated diet, their nutrition is key and is something we take very seriously.

Walters Turkeys are produced purely for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the Walters Family Christmas preparations begin in June when we rear our turkeys from day old poults. The tiny poults love running around together under the warmth of heated lamps.

From August the turkeys live in spacious and airy barns that open onto our lush green meadows. By day the Turkeys enjoy the fresh air of the Berkshire downs, running through the meadows and expelling their natural instinct by foraging and pecking through the grass. When dusk descends the turkeys make their way back into the large fresh straw bedded to barns to be shut up safely for the night.  

The Organic Turkeys are reared in exactly the same way on a local organic farm and are fed on high quality organic feed.  We are one of the few Organic Turkey producers in the country that hang and dry pluck their turkeys in the traditional way. 

Walters Turkey

All of our turkeys are dry plucked and hand finished on our farm using our modern facilities. They are game hung for up to two weeks in purpose built refrigerated rooms. This ensures our turkeys are moist, tender and develop that full old fashioned flavor Walters Turkeys are renowned for.   The turkeys in the supermarket are not the same.

We pride ourselves on the care and attention given to the welfare of our turkeys ensuring they are reared in a happy stress-free environment. To guarantee our stringent welfare production methods we are inspected by the local Environmental Health Officer, The Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association (TFTA), SALSA and the Soil Association.  We’ve also been awarded Great Taste awards.  For further information please take a look at our accreditation and awards.

Your turkey will be oven ready, carefully wrapped in greaseproof paper and neatly placed in a box with a sprig of fresh rosemary and vacuum-packed giblets to make a delicious gravy.

To assist you with cooking your Walters Turkey a pop-up timer, cooking instructions and leaflet full of mouthwatering recipes will be included.