Christmas Geese

Free Range Christmas Geese

At Heart of England Farms we take great pride in producing good, wholesome poultry, the old fashioned way. We supply Free Range Geese  and Free Range ‘Giant’ Christmas Cockerels (Capons), all of which are specially bred for the Christmas market.
Grown to maturity using slow growing breeds all our birds are hand plucked, ‘game hung’ and dry aged – all important contributing factors for high quality, superior tasting meat.

Hatching in early spring our geese spend their life in free range once they have been hardened off.  We move them from field to field to ensure a bountiful supply of fresh grass shoots and supplement their insatiable appetite with local wheat and home grown maize (corn on the cob).  Their noisy chatter and male squabbling becomes a background melody to every day life on the farm and a sure sign that Christmas is coming.

As the traditional choice for the Christmas table geese are the only seasonal birds available today and are the cornerstone of the traditional Christmas dinner.  Your goose will come in a sturdy carry home box with full cooking instructions and its giblets wrapped separately.  The fat produced during cooking is renowned for producing the best roast potatoes and any surplus can be frozen for use during the year.

We are often asked ‘What size goose should I get for … people?’  Always a difficult question to answer as we all eat different quantities.  However a guide is below but please consider your individual guests and your knowledge of their appetites!

Small (3.5 – 4.5kg) – 3-4 people

Medium (4.5 – 5.5kg) 4-6 people

Large (5.5 – 7kg) 6 – 10 people