Christmas Cockerels (Capons)

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Free Range Christmas Cockerels – Capons

At Heart of England Farms we take great pride in producing good, wholesome poultry, the old fashioned way. We supply Free Range Geese  and Free Range ‘Giant’ Christmas Cockerels (Capons), all of which are specially bred for the Christmas market.
Grown to maturity using slow growing breeds all our birds are hand plucked, ‘game hung’ and dry aged – all important contributing factors for high quality, superior tasting meat.

Our free range Christmas cockerels would make the perfect alternative to the traditional turkey.  They are allowed to grow slowly, at a pace that is more natural to them.  They have a life span of 130 days compared to the average supermarket chicken, which is reared to 38 days.

The difference between a farm reared free range Christmas cockerel and an intensively reared chicken is palpable.  Slow rearing allows the birds to lay down fat adding to the flavour and succulence when cooking, and when ready to eat, has a concentrated flavour that tastes as chicken should taste.  Our resulting Christmas cockerels are beautifully moist and full of flavour.

We rear our Christmas cockerels in free range with access to large open barns for shelter with natural ventilation and light, they have extensive space and room to roam, and regularly bedded down with fresh straw.  They are fed on a natural cereal based diet with no artificial additives or growth stimulants being added to their feed.  Our Christmas cockerels are dry plucked using wax and allowed to hang, in their entirety, in a temperature controlled environment.

Our Christmas cockerels are available to buy from 3-6kg with a few reaching a whopping 7kg.  The smallest will feed 3-4 people with the largest feeding 8-12.  Of course this all depends on how hungry you and your guests are!