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Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding with NUTS

The Pud, The Bad and The Ugly – 20/20 Review by The Independent
The pud, the bad and the ugly: 15 Christmas puddings are put to the taste test

Made to a family recipe on a Northumberland farm by Susan Green, who refuses to swerve beef suet, this lighter-style pud had the tasters in ecstasies. ‘A most attractive pudding. You can taste all the different flavours.’ The generous slug (6 per cent) of Alnwick rum also drew accolades: ‘You can tell that everything has been steeped in alcohol. I really like this.’ This nonpareil achieved an accolade achieved by no other rival in the tasting: a request for seconds.

Alnwick Rum Butter

This home made Alnwick Rum Butter is perfect for accompanying either variations of the Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding and is also delicious on warm mince pies.

The butter will keep for 20 weeks in your fridge and can be frozen.

More Delicious Puddings From “The Proof In The Pudding”

Sticky Ginger Pudding

With a definite ginger kick this sponge pudding is made with plump dried apricots and chunks of crystallized ginger. Cooked in delicious sticky ginger sauce this pudding is certainly for the ginger lover!

When reheated in the oven, some of the sauce will soak into the sponge. The pudding also reheats in the microwave.

Available in three sizes: small serves 2 to 3, medium – 4, large – 9 to12.

Chocolate Pudding

The Chocolate Pudding that started it all! Scrumptious chocolate sponge pudding topped with a rich fudgey sauce which, when reheated, melts into a pool around the pudding. Equally good reheated in the microwave or oven, or served with cream or ice cream.

Available in three sizes: small serves 2-3, medium serves 4, large serves 9-12.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A light and moist sponge pudding, succulent with dates and subtly flavoured with pure vanilla extract, then smothered in a rich sticky toffee sauce.

When reheated in the oven some of the sauce will soak into the sponge – delicious! Also excellent reheated in the microwave.

Available in three sizes: small serves 2-3, medium serves 4, large serves 9-12.

Steamed Apricot & Almond

Our own-recipe moist almond steamed sponge pudding, made with ground almonds, apricots and apricot jam.

The pudding was awarded a 2 Star Great Taste Award 2014. It is made in a reusable plastic bowl, wrapped in muslin and tied with an orange satin ribbon, making an attractive gift.

We have had great feedback from our customers and we feel sure you will love this ‘posh jam sponge’!


Raspberry & Almond Pudding


Our own unique recipe pudding, which we originally created to celebrate the Royal Wedding, comprises a moist almond sponge with fresh raspberries and an unexpected delicious soft layer of home made almond paste, and is crowned with a generous coating of fresh raspberry sauce.

As featured on BBC Look North – you may have already seen us on television on 17th February 2011 when Paul Paxton paid us a visit and filmed this pudding being made in it’s development stages. Our taste testers have all given this pudding rave reviews and they’re sure it’s fit for a King – or a Prince!

The pudding is available in a resplendent purple and pink ribbon with a sophisticated label, and has a shelf life of around 5 weeks refrigerated.


Steamed Marmalade Sponge Pudding with Orange Liqueur

Take a trip to the past with this marmalade pudding. Steamed in the traditional way to develop the flavour and packed with homemade marmalade, the taste is intensified with a good hint of orange liqueur.

This pudding can be reheated equally well by steaming or in the microwave. Serve with custard or cream, or for a special occasion mix a little orange liqueur into some lightly whipped cream!

Available in two sizes: small serves 4-6, large serves 6-8.


Steamed Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding

The Gentleman’s Favourite! Steamed sponge pudding lightly flavoured with mixed spice and liberally studded with currants.

This pudding can be reheated equally well by steaming or in the microwave. Serve with custard or cream.

Available in two sizes. Small serves 1-2, medium serves 2-4.

Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

This award winning pudding has a hint of lemon and a generous quantity of golden syrup. For many it will be reminiscent of childhood and will most certainly appeal to those with a sweet tooth!

This pudding can be reheated equally well by steaming or in the microwave. Serve with custard or cream.

Available in two sizes: small serves 1-2, medium serves 2-4.

Product Information

Storage Instructions
Our Marmalade and Christmas Puddings should be stored in a cool place and the rest of our range should be refrigerated.
Shelf Life
Sticky Toffee, Sticky Ginger, Chocolate and Raspberry and Almond; expect a minimum of three weeks shelf life although it may be longer.Syrup, Lemon and Spotted Dick; expect a minimum of six weeks shelf life although it may be longer.Marmalade; expect a minimum of eight weeks shelf life although it may be longer.Alnwick Rum Christmas Puddings will always last till after Christmas, however please note that the Alnwick Rum butter has a shorter life of 16 weeks and should be refrigerated.ALL OUR PUDDINGS ARE SUITABLE FOR HOME FREEZING FOR UP TO 3 MONTHS.
Approximate Portion Sizes and Weights
It is difficult to be precise with regard to portions as this tends to be a personal matter. The following infomation may help you to decide, depending on how generous you wish your portions to be.Sticky Toffee and Sticky Ginger
Small: 250g, serves 2-3
Medium: 400g, serves 3-4
Large: 1250g, serves 9-12Chocolate
Small: 300g, serves 2-3
Medium: 450g, serves 3-4
Large: 1250g, serves 9-12Steamed Puddings (Lemon, Raspberry, Marmalade, Spotted Dick & Syrup)
Weights vary according to the pudding recipe but in each case the bowl is well filled.
Small: A typical 1/2 pint bowl, serves 1-2
Medium: A typical 1 pint bowl, serves 2-4
Large: A typical 2 pint bowl, serves 6Christmas Pudding
Bowl sizes as above, however the pudding weights are as follows:
Small: 225g, serves 1-2
Medium: 450g, serves 4-5
Large: 1000g, serves 8-10
Ingredients and Allergens
All the allergens are written in BOLD CAPITALSAlthough some products may not contain NUTS, all of our products are made in a kitchen where NUTS are used.Apricot & Almond
Apricot jam 22% (apricots, sugar, glucose fructose syrup, gelling agent, pectin, citric acid), Butter (MILK, salt), Sugar, Free range EGGS, Self-raising WHEAT flour (raising agents E450 and E500), Ground ALMOND NUTS 8%, Apricots 7% (preservative SULPHUR DIOXIDE), Apple juice from concentrate, ALMOND extract (rapeseed oil, ALMOND oil).Lemon Pudding
Sugar, WHEAT Flour (Raising agents E500 and E450), BUTTER (contains 2% Salt and
MILK], Fresh Lemon Juice (12%) Free Range EGGS, Water, and Lemon Zest.Syrup Pudding
Golden Syrup (27%), WHEAT Flour, (raising agents E450 and E500), Sugar, BUTTER
(contains 2% Salt and MILK), Free Range EGGS, Lemon Zest, Ginger Powder

Raspberry & Almond
Sugar, Raspberries 19%, BUTTER (contains 2% salt and MILK), free range EGGS,
ground ALMOND NUTS 11%, WHEAT flour (raising agents E450 and E500), water,
icing sugar (anti-caking agent E341(iii)) ALMOND extract.

Marmalade Pudding
Marmalade 39% (Seville oranges, sugar, orange juice, citric acid, gelling agent
(pectin), white bread (WHEAT flour, salt, vegetable fat, yeast, water), BUTTER (contains
2% salt and MILK), soft brown sugar, wholemeal WHEAT flour (raising agents E500
(ii), E341 (i)), free range EGGS, orange liqueur 4%, fresh orange zest, raising agent:
bicarbonate of soda.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Sugar, BUTTER (contains 2% salt and MILK), CREAMWHEAT Flour (Raising agents
E500 and E450), Dates 11%, Water, Free Range EGGS, Bicarbonate of Soda,
Vanilla Extract.

Chocolate Pudding
Icing sugar (anti-caking agent E5341 (iii)), MILKBUTTER 14% (contains 2% salt and
MILK), sugar, WHEAT Flour (Raising agents E500 and E450), cocoa 9%, Free Range
EGGS, vanilla extract.

Spotted Dick Pudding
Sugar, BUTTER (Contains 2% salt and MILK), Free Range EGGS, Currants 16%,
WHEAT Flour (Raising agents E500 and E450), White Breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour, salt,
vegetable fat, yeast, water), Mixed Spice.

Sticky Ginger Pudding
Icing Sugar (anti-caking agent E341 (iii)), BUTTER 16% (contains 2% salt and
MILK), WHEAT Flour (raising agents monocalcium phosphate, sodium hydrogen
carbonate), Apricots 13% (preservative SULPHUR DIOXIDE), Sugar, Free Range EGGS,
Water, CREAM, Crystallised Ginger, Ginger Powder, Bicarbonate of Soda.

Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding
Dried Fruit 29% (raisins, sultanas, currants), free range EGGS, soft brown sugar,
WHEAT flour (raising agents: E500 and E450), breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour, salt,
vegetable fat, yeast, water), beef suet, orange zest and juice, Alnwick Rum
6%, glace cherries 5% (glucose fructose syrup, colour (E127), citric acid (E330),
preservatives (E220, E202), SULPHUR DIOXIDE), apple, candied orange and lemon
peel 4%, lemon zest and juice, carrot, mixed spice.

Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding with NUTS
As above with chopped ALMONDS and nibbed roasted HAZELNUTS

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